Do you have a small en suite bathroom? It seems like there is literally no place where to keep beauty treats in a small bathroom and you are wondering what you can do. Storage space is an issue in any bathroom but for women, it can be a critical concern. We need space to keep our body butter, lotions, creams, potions, pre-shower and post-shower products and other personal hygiene items. Having a small bathroom is no joy and it can be tiresome to have to run in and out of an en suite bathroom in search of the right products.

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Making Space In A Small Bathroom

Yes, your bathroom may be small but that does not mean you have to leave it be. You can make space in your bathroom and all it will take, will be a few simple tricks.

Use built-in niches -- In a small bathroom, it makes sense to use wall space as storage areas. However, there are problems in this option. You cannot dig into an already tiled wall to make a niche. Dry wall, on the other hand, is an excellent option. It can be into easily and a large storage area can be built into the wall for linens and for beauty treats as well. However, to make this idea feasible, it is necessary to move unnecessary wall furniture and floor furniture out of the room.

Wall space -- Floor to ceiling shelving in one of two areas of the bathroom would be excellent for storing items as well. For example, shelving can be placed in unused areas of the bathroom and they can be papered or tiled in the same color or style as the rest of the room. This consistency in color, tile and shape will make the shelving seem unobtrusive and blending into the background. However, a word of caution, to appear spacious and comfortable, at least 40 of the wall space should appear empty. This can be achieved even after putting in shelves by using similar colored tiles and wallpapering or with mirror work. We recommend custom shelving in an irregular bathroom or even peg shelving, as it is ideal for a small bathroom.

Space above door storage -- No one turns around to look above the bathroom door. As a result, it is a good idea to set up movable shelving or glass shelving above the bathroom door to store linens or extra beauty items. These shelves can also be moved about in case your storage needs change.

Use the toilet storage area -- Although this may not seem hygienic, it is a good idea to use the space under the toilet as a storage area for bathroom cleaners and other accessories. Make sure you use rollers on the drawer or under-seat storage area to make it accessible and easy to move about.

In the end

It all comes down to making use of the space that is available already in a small bathroom. If you aren't sure about what to do, move the existing furniture out and take a good look at what is available. This will definitely help you plan out a better storage solution.